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Minerals, fishing,agriculture are the fundamental of the economy of Namibia.

Question: Do you agree with the above statement.




Unemployment in Africa have created new jobs. Most young men and woman are being recruited in that exercise.

What are your comments to the above statements?

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The 21st of march 2014 was our independence day in Namibia. It was celebrated in the whole parts of Namibia. The main event took place in Windhoek, where the head of state was the main speaker.

Name the head of state who attended our independence day on the same day.


Polytechnic of Namibia

It was declared one of the best in Africa in information services. Professionally it is one of the best in Namibia. The most motivational statement is, it will be declared The University of Science and Technology in June 2014.

Do you fully agree with the above statement?


Crimes in Namibia

Namibia is declared a dangerous country in Africa. The issue of traveling during night time are things of the past. Every second day in our country, will be a story in newspapers ,for women being murdered. Most of the people being murdered, is during night time, coming from shebeens. This is always from late hours in the morning when shebeens are closed.

Question: Are the shebeens the contributing factor to crimes in Namibia?