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Unemployment in Africa have created new jobs. Most young men and woman are being recruited in that exercise.

What are your comments to the above statements?


4 thoughts on “Prostitution

  1. I am totally against with that move and i recommend to stop immediately!!

  2. Prostitution is an individual issue not for unemployment

  3. But all along unemployment was there and it was not like that, only that our man and woman are loosing moral value.

  4. I am a democrat, and solemnly believe in human rights. I republican will not agree with what I am about to say but it should be said. This world is no longer what is was, it is tougher times for all and if a person choose to earn a learning through prostitution let it be. Any job this days are welcome any offer that put bread on the table is worth exploring. If your cannot dare to share his left overs and instead give his dog, where are we to eat. The days when we were tough how to be neighborly is long gone. This is dog eat dog world. We should at time put our moral value in our pockets and learn to survive, if not we are doom to die……

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