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Crimes in Namibia


Namibia is declared a dangerous country in Africa. The issue of traveling during night time are things of the past. Every second day in our country, will be a story in newspapers ,for women being murdered. Most of the people being murdered, is during night time, coming from shebeens. This is always from late hours in the morning when shebeens are closed.

Question: Are the shebeens the contributing factor to crimes in Namibia?

2 thoughts on “Crimes in Namibia

  1. Not entirely. I think we should start with moral education at home. That way young boys will respect the lives of the women while growing up.

  2. I may say yes or not, shabeen has only increase the rate of alcohol amoung teenagers. Bt crime I believe it is as a result of unemployment and poverty plus intermixed with other peple from other countries.

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